Dr. Markus Walther

Molecular and Optical Physics 

Physikalisches Institut

Hermann-Herder-Str. 3
79104 Freiburg

Phone: (+49)  203 5721
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Research interest:

Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS) is a useful extension of traditional far-infrared spectroscopic methods. It allows the direct determination of the optical properties (absorption, refractive index, conductivity, permittivity etc.) of a variety of samples in the submillimeter wavelength range.  The technique relies on the coherent generation and detection of ultra-short electromagnetic transients using femtosecond laser pulses. Due to their duration of less than a picosecond THz pulses exhibit a large frequency bandwidth extending from a few GHz up to some THz  (1 THz = 33 cm-1 = 4.1 meV), thereby allowing broadband and time-resolved spectroscopy in the far-IR.

We study the characteristic THz spectra of individual biomolecular systems in the crystalline phase. In particular the correlation between the observed low-frequency modes and molecular structure and association is investigated. Our results show that the modes in the THz region represent a unique fingerprints for the molecular structure and conformation, allowing to distinguish related compounds. It has been demonstrated, that the method can be used to even discriminate between different Isomeric conformations of a molecule, as in the case of retinal. Potential applications in chemical recognition and drug screening are feasible.

Another powerful application based on the coherent emission and detection of pulsed THz radiation is THz imaging. The technique can for example be used to produce spectrally resolved transmission images of dry objects (e.g. suitcases for security screening, packaged goods for industrial applications, or mummyfied tissue in archeology - see publictions section). However, due to the large THz-wavelengths spatial resolution in far-field imaging is limited to millimeters. We have recently developed a near-field scanning technique based on utilizing photoconductive antennas as THz near-field probes. In this approach the spatial resolution is no longer diffraction limited, but is solely given by the potential resolution provided by the probe. In our case a sub-wavelength spatial resolution of
λ/25 has been achieved.

Short Curriculum Vitae

Studies in Physics und Mathematics at the Albert-Ludwigs Universität, Freiburg (Germany)
ERASMUS-scholarship at the University of Glasgow (GB)
Staatsexamen in physics and mathematics at Freiburg University
Sept. 1999

Visiting researcher at the Dep. of Physics and Chemistry, University of Arhus (Denmark), group of Prof. S. R. Keiding

Diploma in physics, University Freiburg
Thesis title: “Resonant excitation of biomolecules and solids in the Terahertz Frequency range“

PhD studies at the University of Freiburg  (Germany)
in the group of P. Uhd Jepsen/Prof. H. Helm

Visiting researcher at the Dep. of Chemistry and Physics, University of Toronto (Canada),
group of Prof. R. J. Dwayne Miller


PhD in physics at the Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg (Germany)
thesis title: “Modern Spectroscopy on Biological Molecules – Structure and Bonding investigated by THz time-domain and transient phase-grating spectroscopy“ (full text (PDF)
) (15 Mb)


Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
in the Ultrafast Spectroscopy Group of Prof. Hegmann

since June 2006 THz-Group leader at the University of Freiburg / Germany
2011 Habilitation in Physics at the University Freiburg


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